How to learn to juggle. Walkthrough (8 gifs)

To get started please remember that if you are able to do so here. Never say that you know how to juggle two balls. It's not juggling.









If you're doing like this, then you can say that you can juggle whith two balls.









Or like this.









Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Hands bent at the elbows and arranged parallel to the floor. Palms facing up. Elbows are close to the sides, but not pressed against him and ottopyrivayutsya.
One subject.
Take in hand a ball and throws it from one hand to another. Height throw - a little above eye level. Throwing and catching are made at different points. Throws - closer to the middle of the body, catch - from the outside. After catching the hand makes a circular movement of the floor and makes a throw.
This exercise is simple but very important, because it lays the foundation for juggling. Exercise until you become confident to throw and catch the ball.









Take a ball in each hand. Take a shot with right hand, taking into account the recommendations of the previous paragraph, and when the ball reaches maximum height, make the shot with left hand. Catch the first ball with left hand, then with right hand catch the second. Stay. Now repeat, starting with the left hand. Concentrate on the accuracy of throws.









Soon you will be able to do it without pauses.









ake in right hand two balls, and in left hand a ball. Throw the right hand of one of the balls, then make an exchange, as described in the previous lesson. When the ball reaches the highest point, make another exchange. In the end, you have two balls will be in the left and one on the right. Repeat, starting with the left hand.









Now you are ready to juggle.

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